5s Audit Software app

A Checklist and Auditing tool for lean, continuous improvement and manufacturing professionals. Great for 5s audits, safety audits and Layered Process Audits.

5s Audits (6s and 7s too!)

Customizable Checklists

Tailor the auditing question checklists to suit your specific needs, your specific processes.

Charts & Insights

Visualize your 5s audit scores and results. Spot non-conformance trends. An essential part of your Lean, Continuous Improvement or Operational Excellence program. Works perfectly with your 5s or 6s audit board.

Streamlined Auditing Process

Say goodbye to the days of manual audits sheets filled inwith pen and paper. Standardize to higher standards and audit with ease. Stop audit pencil-whipping!

Set-up help

We'll get your current audit sheets imported into Audit Shine, do some dry-runs and you're ready to rock! Layered Process Audits, 5s Audits, process audits, product audits, Safety Audits - we can handle all.

Say goodbye to paper-audits and data input

Add photos to provide more detail of the situation. Perfect for non-conformance. Each area of your form has a photo / image option.Show before and after the audit. The complete platform!

Multiple different Audit question formats are available – multiple choice, Yes/No, rating scale, free-form text.

Use Cases

Try the 5s Auditing Software App today and witness the difference it makes in your organization! Electronic audits are the way to go! Take the first step towards a brighter, more organized factory. Read more >

5s Audits
(6s and 7s too)

Process Audits



Happy Clients,
Great Reviews

We’ve worked with some wonderful companies over the years…


…customer service has been great, I really feel like they want our CI program to succeed, they care.

Todd Burnett,
Operational Excellence Executive at GF Plastics

The system is flexible enough to make it easy to use and mold to my specific LPA needs. Great mobile software!

Andrew Tunstall,
Continuous Improvement @ BASF uSA East Plant

Easty to understand and use. Highly recommended to companies and organizations of all sizes! Audit heaven!

Bruno A,
Lean Excecutive @ a leading manufacturing Factory

The Audit Shine App offers

…a powerful and versatile auditing software solution that empowers businesses to conduct efficient and effective 5s 6s 7s, Layered Process, Quality and Safety audits. Works great on the shop-floor, the office or the warehouse. The platform’s features enable users to create customizable audit checklists, perform inspections on-site using mobile devices, and gather real-time data and insights. All at an affordable price

With its user-friendly interface and offline capabilities, Audit Shine facilitates seamless collaboration among teams, streamlines auditing processes, identifies potential risks, and ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

By going digital with your audits and automating auditing procedures, businesses can save time, improve accuracy, and drive continuous improvement across their operations.

Audit Shine is the perfect:

  • 5s audit software (aka 5s checklist software or 5s app)
  • Digital 5s solution
  • Daily audit platform
  • Layered process audit software (LPA)
  • Mobile safety inspection software
  • ISO audit software
  • Equipment inspection app

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